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Frequently Asked Questions.

What is Harakeke Hair made out of?

Our plant-based hair is made from 100% naturally extracted muka fiber sourced from New Zealand’s native plant Harakeke (Phormium tenax) in a variety of lengths and colours.  Our products are safe on the scalp, biodegradable after use and formulated to match textured hair with limited ingredients.

Where is it shipped from?

Our Lily plant based hair extension fibres are extracted in New Zealand and they are completed in New Zealand.  Shipment is from New Zealand.

Why is Harakeke hair more expensive than synthetic hair?

This is due to the slow manufacturing process.  It is hand made from start to finish; if the cost of the hair was to be lowered this could endanger the fair trade of our workers and our native resource.  We never compromise neither do we ever negotiate the price asked from our workers or suppliers.  To obtain fair working conditions for all, the retail price of the finished pieces must also remain fair.  Planet, our well-being and our childrens futures over profit, always.

Is Harakeke Hair reusable?

Absolutely! Our plant-based hair extensions are reusable and can be reused up to 3 times with proper care and maintenance.  On certain products (not all) you can wash the hair in warm water with a gentle shampoo and conditioner, re-condition, detangle, dry, and re-install. Add a sealant, such as glycerin, or your favourite hair food for optimal freshness and longevity.  Use a gentle touch throughout.

How many bundles of hair do I need?

The number of bundles needed can vary based on the braids' style, length, or thickness and the density of your hair. Here's a quick guide to help you decide:


Feed-ins: 2 bundles

Small knotless braids: 5 bundles

Medium knotless braids: 3 bundles

Large knotless braids: 4 bundles

Can it be heated styled?

Absolutely!  Your plant based hair extensions take very well to heat drying and heat styling allowing them to be curled, straightened or textured.  Harakeke plant-based hair is heat-safe and can be curled up to 350 degrees.

Is it flammable?

Yes.  These are dried plant fibres, do NOT expose to a flame.

How do I sustainably dispose of Harakeke Hair?

Ātaahua Beautiful Plant Hair is made with biodegradable ingredients and can be appropriately disposed of with your yard waste. Biodegradable refers to products capable of breaking down and returning to their natural or earthly elements, given the right conditions and the presence of microorganisms, fungi, or bacteria.  Visit your local government’s council website for information on where to compost in your area. 

What is the bio-degrading time and conditions?

The following discoveries have been found; 48 weeks biodegrading time in water. 6 weeks in soil or compost.  12 weeks outdoor weathered or landfill.

Will you offer more colours?

Yes, we create unique colour-ways ourselves and are eager to hear your colour preferences. Please share your colour requests by emailing us at

How do I seal the hair?

Either with hot water, using biodegradable natural rubber bands or twisting and sealing with a crochet needle (dread lock).  Unlike plastic synthetic hair, Harakeke Hair doesn't melt after dipping in boiling water. To properly seal the ends, you can dip, flat iron, or curl them as you prefer.


Do NOT burn with a lighter. 

What is the recommended duration for wearing Harakeke Weaving Hair?

We suggest wearing Harakeke Hair for up to 4-6 weeks at a time to maintain your natural hair's quality and health.

What is your return policy?

Your satisfaction is important to us, and we hope you enjoy your plant-based hair extensions! We understand that it may not be for everyone, but we cannot accept returns or exchanges to maintain safety and sanitation standards. Replacements are evaluated on a case-by-base basis. We encourage you to give your bundles to a friend to try or repurpose into something new!

Can any dye be used?

Yes. Plant based hair extensions will take any dye. 

How do you ensure the hair is sterile?

The fibres are boiled and thoroughly cleaned from impurities by hand prior to packaging. 

Why the length?

Ātaahua Beautiful Plant Hair is crafted from naturally extracted Muka fiber from the Harakeke leaf, cut by hand, leading to slight length variations.

Can I burn the hair?

No!  Unlike kanekalon, plant based hair extensions do not contain harmful chemicals and will not melt. 

Do our products come in plastic packaging?

Any plastic within our packaging will be limited unless necessary or sourced from an accredited biodegradable packaging company or hand-woven. 

Does Harakeke Hair shed?

Like all natural fibrous materials, expect some shedding. For the best results, follow the care and installation instructions closely.

What if I am allergic?

If you have any allergies, consult with your doctor before installing Harakeke Hair to ensure a safe experience.

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