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  • Elevate your presence with Harakeke and discover the key to immediate volume and versatile restorative styling through our (Limited) extraordinary Hair Weaving Bundles.


    Craft your unique look from root to tip within the comfort of your own space, effortlessly blending lengths and textures for a seamless, natural appearance.


    Each bundle is 360g and has allowance added for shedding and restyling again later. Each bundle has a  respectable length range between 80cm - 200cm, ensuring you have the flexibility to create the desired length and fullness for your style. Whether you're aiming for dramatic length or subtle enhancement, our bundles offer the perfect solution.


    With the option to restyle bundles after 1st wear, you can easily customise your look to suit any occasion or mood. Transform your hair in minutes and embrace the freedom to express yourself with confidence.


    Experience the difference with Harakeke Plant Hair Weaving Bundles and unlock endless possibilities for stunning, salon-worthy hair from home.


    Each bundle is 360g and range between 80cm - 200cm 

    You will need approximately 1 bundle (depending on installation) to achieve the above look!


    Harakeke Weaving Hair

    120 Grams
    GST Included
    Sold Out

      • 100% NZ Designed & Made
      • Nature-Inspired Design: Nature's influence is embedded in every step of the design process.
      • Plant-Based Elegance: Crafted from the indigenous NZ plant Phormium tenax.
      • Eco-Friendly: Biodegradable, contributing to a sustainable environment.
      • Biodiversity Support: Aids in preserving biodiversity within natural ecosystems.
      • Featherweight: Lightweight for comfortable wear.
      • Authentic Texture: Boasts a natural texture for a genuine look.
      • Seamless Integration: Effortlessly blends with your natural hair.
      • Reuse & Adjust: Can be reused and adjusted for versatile styling.
      • Heat Resistant: Withstands heat up to 160°C/350°F.
      • Exceptional Memory: Easy to twist and apply, retains its shape.
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